John Simpson


John is a recognised expert in shipping, offshore oil and gas and international trade for dispute resolution and the drafting of commercial agreements.

John acts mainly for contractors in the offshore oil and gas sector and has advised on charterparties and construction contracts for FPSOs, FSRUs, drilling rigs, production platforms and offshore support vessels as well as advising on subsea construction disputes. John has assisted clients with tender processes, bids and negotiation of final contracts as well as disputes occurring during the running of the project.

John advises traders on potential disputes arising out of letters of credit, bills of lading, charterparties and contracts for the international sale of goods, particularly coal, iron ore, oil, LPG, LNG and LME metals. John has also advised on the drafting of long term contracts for the sale of LNG and on sale and repurchase transactions.

As a recognised expert in charterparty law, John was appointed to the Singapore Maritime Foundation drafting committee for the Singapore Time Charter Form, which eventually evolved into the new NYPE 2015 charterparty form. John has also advised GlobalORE on revisions to the Standard Iron Ore Trading Agreement (SIOTA). John advises on drafting and negotiation of shipbuilding contracts, charterparties, bills of lading, MOAs and associated disputes. John also has particular expertise in the drafting and negotiation of transhipment project contracts.

John is a Director of the Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration and a Committee Member of the Maritime Law Association of Singapore. John has also served on the Advisory Board to the National University of Singapore Centre for Maritime Law.


  • Negotiating a shipbuilding contract on behalf of the buyer for a dredger under construction at a yard in Singapore.

    Negotiating the shipbuilding contracts, purchase contracts and option contracts for a series of seven jack up drilling rigs for construction in a yard in Singapore on behalf of the buyers.

    Advising reinsurers in connection with an oil well blowout in Indonesia, resulting from issues relating to an earthquake which occurred during drilling activities.

  • Advising a contractor in connection with a dispute for a nine figure sum in relation to the construction of a semi-submersible floating production platform.

    Advising a subsea construction company in relation to disputes arising out of the installation of risers in a project offshore Indonesia.

    Negotiating on behalf of the shipyard for an EPC contract in relation to an FPSO to be constructed for an oil major. The contract terms offered were rather one sided and the market was such that the oil major had the upper hand, so particular advice had to be provided on the risks of accepting some of the terms, which were said to be non-negotiable.

  • Advising an FSRU provider on the drafting and negotiation of the vessel O&M contract for provision of an FSRU into an Asian FSRU project.

    Advising an LNG supplier on pro forma medium term contracts for the supply of LNG between ports on both DES and FOB bases.

    Advising a gas field operator on a project relating to the construction and employment of ice class vessels. The work included: assisting with the drafting of documents for the tender package; advising during the tendering process; and negotiating the Charterparty with the preferred bidder.

    Advising the buyers on the drafting and negotiation of a contract for the construction of an FSRU and later advising the same buyers on contracts for the construction of various LNG Carriers. 

    Advising an LPG trader on the contractual consequences of an explosion on board its chartered LPG carrier, including sale contract, bill of lading, general average and associated contractual disputes and recovery issues from the date of the incident through to successful resolution of the matter.

  • Advising reinsurers in connection with an oil well blowout in Indonesia, resulting from issues relating to an earthquake which occurred during drilling activities.

    Successfully pursuing a multimillion dollar settlement in a mediation for the assured owner of a semi-submersible rig against the reinsurers under a WellCAR policy, which the reinsurers defended pursuant to a cut through clause in the policy.

    Advising the builder of a Semi-submersible Floating Production System in connection with claims under a CAR policy in relation to damage to systems on board the vessel sustained during the prolonged construction period.

    Advising a top layer insurer on possible liabilities arising from a well blowout and subsequent mudflow issue in East Java.

  • Advising the charterers in relation to a dispute arising out of the withdrawal of the vessel Li Hai for non-payment of hire (see The "Li Hai" - Western Bulk Carriers K/S v. Li Hai Maritime Inc [2005] 2 Lloyd's Law Rep. 389).

    Advising a major shipowner on various disputes (running into hundreds of millions of dollars) arising out of FFA contracts (OTC and cleared) following the global financial crisis.

    Advising a port logistics company on various contracts for loading vessels with iron ore, coal and bauxite and for the movement of these commodities between berths and within ports in various geographical locations, including Indonesia, India, Dubai, East and West Africa.