Offshore power

Our experience includes:

  • Power purchase arrangements, construction and installation of power barge located adjacent to the Egbin Power Station of the Nigerian Electric Power Authority (NEPA). The total investment in the business was US$225 mm. The generating facility consisted of 9 barge-mounted combustion turbines with a total net output of 290 MW. Electricity from the plant will be supplied to NEPA under a long-term power purchase agreement.
  • Undertaking due diligence and advising on the acquisition of power barges based in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean.
  • Contracts to refurbish and upgrade a power barge in a South East Asian shipyard.
  • An insurance claim in relation to a power barge in South America following damage to the turbine.
  • Advising on the insurance policies for power barges.
  • The contract for the transport of a power barge from the Caribbean to Central America, including the associated preparatory works prior to the transit.
  • Disputes arising from refurbishment contracts for power barges.
  • Disputes with the local management teams over the operation and management of power barges.
  • Numerous power purchase agreements in Asia, Africa and South America.
  • Warranty claims under sale and purchase agreements for power barges.
  • The wording of letters of credit and claims in relation to the same, on power barge transactions.
  • Managing litigation in Africa, South America and the Cayman Islands in relation to power barges.
  • The sale of a power barges in the Philippines, Central America and Africa.
  • The import/export of power barges in various jurisdictions.
  • Advised an investee company of a private equity firm, on its acquisition of South American company producing 120 MW from a barge-mounted power facility (the largest independent power producer in that country).
  • Advised an owner on the installation and commissioning of a barge-mounted power facility in Luanda, Angola intended for provision of emergency power for the Africa Cup of Nations soccer tournament; and the subsequent sale of this project to one of Spain’s largest construction companies.
  • Advised an owner on the acquisitions, refurbishment and deployment of several other barge-mounted power generating facilities in emerging markets.

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