Our experience includes assisting and advising on the following:

  • The engineering and installation phase for one of Scotland’s largest windfarms.
  • The implications of a sub-contractor’s insolvency.  This involved numerous issues such as the identification of assets, consideration of steps to protect security as well as the additional cost, delay and transportation issues arising.
  • A successful judicial review against the Home Secretary to allow an extension to the Offshore Wind Immigration Rules concession to workers essential to the construction and maintenance of wind farms within UK territorial waters.
  • The transportation and installation of a met mast on an EA1 project, including advising in relation to delays and technical issues affecting the installation phase.
  • A steel price increase dispute.
  • The impact of delay and substantial cost overrun involving a key transmission cable during the construction phase of an offshore wind farm project in the North Sea.
  • An EPIC contractors’ terms necessary to address, amongst other things, the interim payment requirements necessary to account for the installation of a major wind generation project.
  • Issues arising from a delay to a series of subsea cable laying contracts in support of a wind farm and other renewable projects in UK and Norwegian waters.
  • The construction and delivery of plant and materials to Dong Energy for the Burbo Bank offshore wind project.
  • Bids for the Dudgeon offshore wind farm project (350-400MW).
  • The project financing of three portfolios of onshore windfarms by a major European renewables developer. This also involved providing support on due diligence issues.
  • The financing of a portfolio of existing and new wind farm projects in the UK, France and the Republic of Ireland (totalling 200MW).
  • The financing of a wind farm portfolio in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.
  • The financing of the Wandylaw (20.5MW) and Hall Farm (24.6MW) onshore wind farms developed by Ridgewind.
  • More than €1 billion worth of wind farm projects in Europe for a central European energy utility.
  • The development and financing of four wind farms in Italy and Germany.
  • The Bicker Fen and Walkway wind farm projects in England.
  • A €243 million loan facility for wind farms in Portugal (200MW).
  • A number of wind farms in Wales, including issues relating to real estate, construction, operation and maintenance, as well as the off-take arrangements.
  • Wind farm projects in the UK, Canada and Poland.

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